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The IDRICOM drilling companies have made continuous investment to keep their production facilities up to date and ensure technical and site personnel are fully trained to the latest standards. They can thus drill to depths in the order of 1,500-2,000 meters using all the latest drilling technologies, and at diameters of up to 48" to depths of 500-600 meters.

The variety of plant available (approx. one hundred units, implementing all drilling techniques and therefore able to drill through any geological formation), backed up by quantity and quality supplies of top-level service equipment, means we can undertake the construction of a number of wells simultaneously.
Particular attention has always been paid to solving problems related to EXISTING WELLS through the development of reliable and innovative technologies for carrying out different types of intervention , including:

 - special equipment HYDROPULS for regenerations of wells
 - screening of installed casing of different diameters (219 ÷ 1.016 mm) by hydraulic punching (with water as hydraulic fluid)
 - IDROJET GROUTING for cementations out of definitive well casing
 - cleaning and descaling of filters using innovative methods (e.g.: injection of CO2)
 - localized repairs (IDROREAMER) of damaged casing without diameter reduction

This know-how, based on long experience, also gives these companies a competitive edge, so they are able to offer the best product at the most competitive price. An example of insertion of IDROREAMER into a well for repairing a damaged casing below.

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