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Final intervention hypothesis

Final intervention hypothesis
On the basis of the above description, the IDRICOM Consortium believes it is plausible to assume the use/deployment in any project abroad of about 1/5 of the plant held by member companies. This would lead in the 1st scenario to the dislocation of approx. 10 drilling rigs for wells of 100 meters, which would allow the construction in 1 year of 400 wells and so in 10 years of 4000 wells; in the 2nd scenario, 5 drilling rigs for wells of 200 meters, allowing the realization in 1 year of 130-150 wells and in 10 years of approx. 1300-1500 wells. The last scenario envisaged (3rd) involves dislocation of approx. 3 rigs for wells of 300 meters’ depth, which would permit the construction of 30 wells in 1 year and so of 300 wells in 10 years. Thus, in the scenarios outlined above, in total IDRICOM would be able to realize from 560 to 580 wells approx/year. However, we must emphasize that as defined in point 2), Consortium member companies are able to carry out work to depths and diameters much in excess of those described in the scenarios above. Furthermore, should it become necessary to increase the capacity of well construction to a number beyond the current capabilities of the Consortium, we can draw on the services of other drilling companies located throughout Italy, relying on previous consolidated collaboration.

The IDRICOM CONSORTIUM, as already mentioned in the introduction to the Company Profile, includes among its members production companies and professionals who are able to provide all the products and services that form part of the water well supply chain, for example:
- producers of plant for drilling wells
- producers of pipes and filters for wells
- producers of submersible pumps, high and very high pressure pumps for industrial work and cleaning
- producers of generators
- companies specializing in the production of drilling equipment accessories (rods, stabilizers, drill collars, reductions)
- plant maintenance firms
- dealers for the supply of consumables : bentonite, polymers, rock bits, three-blade chisels etc.
- expert geologists and engineers with proven professional experience and able to apply the most advanced techniques of data acquisition, management and modeling, who can provide an in-depth analysis of client problems and needs, carrying out investigations and surveys on the soil , subsoil and ground water, offering consultancy and any necessary assistance from the outset of the planning phase.
Having consortium members operating in all sectors of the water well supply chain means we can source the necessary supplies quickly and deal with any unexpected events that may arise during the construction of the wells.

The personnel employed by the consortium companies are fully trained and motivated to deal with foreign markets and different site conditions abroad, and have appropriate certification for the operating of complex machinery.
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